This week during our class and own meeting 'Lemonade Stand ARI' is the name that has been decided. The name has feelings of sentimentalism, memory, and identity, which are representative of our practices. The grassroots nature of a lemonade stand is like a first business, and this ARI is our first. 

The purpose of creating our Instagram is to help build a following prior to our event. A place to advertise each of ourselves as individuals, a collaborative group, and as an ARI.

The platform will obviously advertise our show, but it will also be a place to show our processes. When we discussed what the Instagram will feature, it was noted the lack of process documentation that many get to see, whereas the completed works can always be viewed.

In a collaborative setting, roles are still important to separate tasks and distribute work equally, therefore, we decided on particular roles we would each take charge of to help us reach personal and group goals.


Secretary – Abby
Design - Jasmine, Georgia
Social Media – Jasmine, Georgia
Curation - Lili

I feel as though this was a great decision as it will allow us to more easily delegate tasks to specific roles. Abby will manage the minutes during meetings and most administrative tasks, Design as well as Social Media will be done by Jasmine and Georgia as there is a crossover between the two and because they are time-consuming roles. I will take charge of Curation as I am wanting to gain further skills in this department, managing the artworks, exhibitions floorplans, catalogue, didactic etc.

Our Exhibition aims & theme/s:

  • Sharing

  • Storytelling 

  • Exploration of self 

  • Exhibiting contemporary art 

  •  Creating opportunities for experimentation

  • Lighthearted, Approachable, Friendly, Accessibility 

  • Collaborative

  • Participatory  

  • An Element of PLAY

This week felt productive for the beginnings of making an ARI and group Exhibition as we found common ground on our practices and aims for the show. 


Project Meeting Notes.



This week was very much about planning and making contact with gallery spaces. We have contacted Greaser Bar Gallery and Mt Coot-tha Gallery although Mt Coot-tha seems like an unlikely space due to insurance costs ($1000+) whereas Greaser Bar Gallery seems as though it may be able to accommodate the opening night and following day show of our exhibition. 

After researching ARI spaces, I found DUMB DUMB a homely space underneath a house with a singular wall painted pink, which is representative of their brand. I have attached the gallery space floor-plan as it gives a clear mapping of the space. It is one of our possible spaces for our exhibition although we are currently waiting to hear back from them.

The logo is still in its first few iterations it will be done next week. 

We decided on the format of a Zine as our collaborative work. This is a great way for us to have a tangible publication for the show and a way for audiences to interact with the show after its completion. 







I emailed and heard back from THE WALLS, IMA, DUMB DUMB, METRO ARTS, and OUTERSPACE ARI. Unfortunately, most have had their spaces booked until June or are not able to accommodate us and we will try to move forward with Greaser Bar. If in the future we wanted the show to be during the first 6 months of the years we would have to have organised most of the exhibition before December- January to submit to the 'OPEN CALLS' galleries and ARI's do during beginning of the year and similarly for some of the mid-year 'OPEN CALLS'. Unfortunately, the timeline of this project does not allow for this and we will pursue other available spaces available for late May. 

Although Rebecca from 'THE WALLS', was still interested as us as and ARI and individuals and would keep us in mind for any future shows. It seems it's worth making contact with ARI's and Spaces even if they feel out of reach as other opportunities can emerge. 


We realised the costs of such spaces need to be outlined and I will be making a spreadsheet of the information and costs associated with each space.


Table of possible spaces and associated cost:

Our Logo was finalised and posted on our Instagram. We decided on keeping the logo and colours simple but aligned with our name in black and yellow. I see the logo as not being too literal with lemons and minimising to just text will make marketing material easy and readable too. 

This week consisted of a lot of administrative work as I handled all of the emailing and most of the contacting of the galleries and ARI's. 


****Our usual meeting was not possible due to Abby and Jasmine being ill. But Georgia and I took notes during class and had a brief meeting after class to discuss actions for the coming week.


These were some of the first logos that emerged from our brainstorming. Georgia and Jasmine decided to take charge of this task, in drawing the logos’. 


Ultimately we decided simple is best in the bold black and yellow and also easiest to read. We collectively voted on the first image in this series as a our logo. 

WEEK 4: 

This week there was a big shift in the future of our exhibition as it is likely it will all be moving to online/ digital with the impending changes of the project’s outcome due to the Covid-19. I feel as though this week we have already been able to adapt and change our exhibition and plans quite quickly. 

Our Instagram has been getting some updates this week introducing ourselves and us as an ARI. This has been important so that our audience knows who we are and will engage with us as a group and individuals via Instagram. I wrote up my artist bio and uploaded it to the shared google drive to be added to our website and Instagram artist feature. The proof is in the likes as the posts with any of us featured have upwards of 30 likes, whereas others have less than 25 likes. 

It was a quieter week for us as a group as we all considered how our individual works can be adapted to this new digital format. I am interested in getting audiences interacting with us, so I suggested the idea of a colouring book for kids and adults alike, which has been a fad of the past few years. As my role of Curator has changed, engaging audiences in multiple ways is something I am wanting to achieve to build excitement towards the possible digital exhibition. I am going to push the idea of the colouring book to do so. 

WK 4 Minutes:


Our ARI website was half completed this week and our artists' website drafts have been shown and critiqued again by us as a group. I was told I needed to make access to my portfolio simpler by only having it on one page not multiple, edit my artist bio adding more detail to it and editing the way my University Bachelor is written. 


On Instagram, we have introduced ourselves as members of the Lemonade Stand ARI and we have also begun introducing ourselves individually with artist spotlights. The @lemonadestand.ari theme is looking good and our following is already up to 96 people.


I uploaded some preliminary sketched ideas for our colouring book to the google drive. I thought if we could incorporate our practices in a fun way it would be a way to interact with our audience. I thought If we each created a page inspired by one of our art practices, it would be a fun and interactive collaboration between us all. 

Some sticker designs have been made to go along with our ZINE if printed. I feel as though having tangible options will bode well with a public that is used to going to physical spaces and having material to take home.  

I have also started to consider the way our budget is going to change and the costs associated with an online show rather than a physical. Such as a domain, website creator and adobe software etc

Week 5 minutes:

WEEK 6 + holiday weeks :

This week we focused on finalising our individual artist websites to add the links to the Lemonade Stand ARI website and vice versa. 

Our progress on our works was discussed particularly the themes of our works (Home, Memory, Rituals, Family, hand-made processes) and the mediums (painting, fabric, embroidery, videos). This information will aid me in the curation of our online show. As a group we organised for the next four Tuesdays we will be doing individual artist takeovers on the @lemonadestand.ari Instagram. They begin on the 14th of April, and I will be doing mine on the 28th of April.

We were each dedicated a page to create for the colouring book and I created the first page inspired by Abby's practice. It was published and made available through our Instagram page on Sunday 12/04/20 via a link with a downloadable PDF.  I'm very glad that my idea came to fruition and was supported by the group to produce an interactive activity. 

Link to the colouring book:

I have suggested the making of a collaborative bag branded with the ARI name. I was discussed further with the group and we decided it would be a good opportunity to make a giveaway of the bag which would contain the Zine, the colouring book, and some additional designs will be made in the form of stickers.

I also wrote the groups more succinct ethos, to reflect our aims and goals. This probably should have been done earlier but I decided to take charge. I got feedback from the group and that became the final ethos statement for the Instagram Bio:

"Lemonade Stand is an Online based ARI, profiling the works of grassroots artists and helping them make lemonade out of lemons." 

Another thing to consider this week was the launch dates and scheduling for testing our future website pre-exhibition. But due to the fact, the Lemonade Stand ARI website is still in its early stages the only dates I have in mind is the upload/ testing date for the website and the final launch date, possibly being the 15th of May (TBC).





This week I continued with the making of the bag for our giveaway on our Instagram and finally managed to apply to be verified on 'Giphy' so that our Instagram user can use our gifs stickers via 'Stories'. I suggested by Beci Orpin an artist with a very eclectic website full of floating text, images, moving stickers and more which inspired us in regards to our own group website. As i am taking charge of most of the curating, we discussed the way the show was going to be presented and ways of engaging the viewers. Having a beginning page that links to one artist and then another through buttons on the webpage and another and so on, would be an interesting format as it would take the create the process of looking at works in an order usually curated by the curator. This continuous link would be an engaging way for the show to become like a mini-maze, as viewers navigate their way through the show. 

Work progress has been consistent although the next stage for our Exhibition Planning Document will be crucial to displaying how the culmination of all of our efforts will be presented. Particularly my focuses on the curation, scheduling, and documentation of our exhibition will help finalise the Exhibition Planning Document.




The website has been an issue for the past few weeks as we were not able to remove Abby's name form the tab when it was open, due to its links to her Adobe account. Adobe Portfolio lacked the variety of editing and interactive abilities that we wanted for the website, therefore a group decision was made to switch to WIX, as Georgia and I have found it highly customisable for our own websites as well. 

This week we focussed on showing each other our work and the progress we've made. Another aim of our meeting was to curate the selection of artworks we will be putting into the exhibition. I have decided to only present my scroll work with the possibility of some interactive digital variations of the same piece. Such as separating the letters from the work, or having a digital scroll which rolls and unrolls (TBC).  Having a selection of works rather than bombarding the site with many things will create a more considered and clean exhibition too.

In the latter part of this week, we separated out clearly the sections of the upcoming presentation we would take charge of. 

  • Mission Statement ethos - Jasmine

  • Artist statement - Abby 

  • Concept/ context - COVID-19  - Georgia 

  • Examples of work - Lili

  • Mockup - Site design - Abby 

  • Social Media Schedule - Jasmine  

  • Budget - Lili 

  • Post- Project - Lili 

  • Conclusion - Georgia 

After we complete our own sections we have organised to meet and draft the presentation together, which I feel will help mesh the presentation and create more cohesive writing. 

Our Zine is coming along, as we will all need to have completed our drafted pages by Tuesday for Georgia to collate the zine. 



This week a lot of work has been done in regards to the exhibition planning and the presentation. We assigned each of us a section to work on for the presentation which some of the work falls under the same umbrella for the Exhibition Planning Document. The Ethos was heavily edited and drafted (five times), but we are looking forward to more feedback on this on Wednesday. 

The presentation came together and was quite cohesive and succinct. Through the feedback, we received it suggested a few changes to the words "ostracized" and "human connection'" in our ethos, which were changed immediately after the presentation to "left out" and simply "connection". We also need to consider as Rachael said how the project fits in the domestic space and looking at it through a feminist lens. 


In regards to the exhibition/ website, the criticisms were surrounding the way the exhibition is going to be cohesive when the works are on differing pages, how the pages could be more immersive by removing sidebars etc, making the process exploratory, and further emphasizing the homely and familiar feeling the colouring book evoked throughout the website and exhibition.


I agree with all of the criticisms made, they were parts we as a group had missed or yet to consider and provide us with some great insight on how to proceed. 

We as a group need to continue to consider the format in which the website is accessed and interacted with, in a way that fosters the connection we are seeking in being displaced in the domestic space. Possibly making the website more interactive and fun, will steer it away from the idea of replicating the white-cube when we indeed cannot. Experimenting with a treasure hunt format is a means to make the website more playful and create a flow between all of our works as they are currently quite separate on differing pages. This implicit connection and openness of the ARI should be emphasised by the melting pot of works in the exhibition as Kyle mentioned creating a more unified show fulfilling our ethos allowing audience engagement to be more playful and open to a variety of people.

We had many meetings this week discussing particular things like website set up, presentation organising, and exhibition planning document. For the planning document, I was in charge of doing up the Launch Planning, Upload/ Testing schedule, Online Documentation Planning, Budget, and Post Project planning.