Week 8



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Reflection on Group Work


The website has been an issue for the past few weeks as we were not able to remove Abby's name form the tab when it was open, due to its links to her Adobe account. Adobe Portfolio lacked the variety of editing and interactive abilities that we wanted for the website, therefore a group decision was made to switch to WIX, as Georgia and I have found it highly customisable for our own websites as well. 

This week we focussed on showing each other our work and the progress we've made. Another aim of our meeting was to curate the selection of artworks we will be putting into the exhibition. I have decided to only present my scroll work with the possibility of some interactive digital variations of the same piece. Such as separating the letters from the work, or having a digital scroll which rolls and unrolls (TBC).  Having a selection of works rather than bombarding the site with many things will create a more considered and clean exhibition too.

In the latter part of this week, we separated out clearly the sections of the upcoming presentation we would take charge of. 

  • Mission Statement ethos - Jasmine

  • Artist statement - Abby 

  • Concept/ context - COVID-19  - Georgia 

  • Examples of work - Lili

  • Mockup - Site design - Abby 

  • Social Media Schedule - Jasmine  

  • Budget - Lili 

  • Post- Project - Lili 

  • Conclusion - Georgia 

After we complete our own sections we have organised to meet and draft the presentation together, which I feel will help mesh the presentation and create more cohesive writing. 

Our Zine is coming along, as we will all need to have completed our drafted pages by Tuesday for Georgia to collate the zine.