Week 9



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Reflection on Group Work

This week a lot of work has been done in regards to the exhibition planning and the presentation. We assigned each of us a section to work on for the presentation which some of the work falls under the same umbrella for the Exhibition Planning Document. 

The presentation came together and was quite cohesive and succinct. Through the feedback, we received it suggested a few changes to the words "ostracized" and "human connection'" in our ethos, which were changed immediately after the presentation to "left out" and simply "connection". We also need to consider as Rachael said how the project fits in the domestic space and looking at it through a feminist lense. 


In regards to the exhibition/ website, the criticisms were surrounding the way the exhibition is going to be cohesive when the works are on differing pages, how the pages could be more immersive by removing sidebars etc, making the process exploratory, and further emphasizing the homely and familiar feeling the colouring book evoked throughout the website and exhibition.


I agree with all of the criticisms made, they were parts we as a group had missed or yet to consider and provide us with some great insight on how to proceed. 

We as a group need to continue to consider the format in which the website is accessed and interacted with, in a way that fosters the connection we are seeking in being displaced in the domestic space. Possibly making the website more interactive and fun, will steer it away from the idea of replicating the white-cube when we indeed cannot. Experimenting with a treasure hunt format is a means to make the website more playful and create a flow between all of our works as they are currently quite separate on differing pages. This melting pot and meshing of works as Kyle mentioned would create a more unified exhibition fulfilling our ethos allowing audience engagement to be more playful and open to a variety of people.

We had many meetings this week discussing particular things like website setup, presentation organising, and exhibition planning document. 

This is a link to meeting notes on the exhibition planning document.: