Week 7


Naito Rei a Japanese Artist, who has become known for her method of having one viewer at a time process (Sugiura, T., Okabe, A., Blistène, B., & Hatakeyama, N., 2017). Like this when my audience is going to be viewing my work it will be most likely alone and at there own pace. 

More specifically for Rei's work, Pillow for the Dead (1997) the delicacy placed on her work and the ability to appreciate the finite details in the work is how I am aiming to display my work (ART iT, 2009). Although the digital sphere does have a tendency of flattening objects, I will bring my works to life through filming and close up detail shots, to make the experience as memorable as possible as Rei's one on one viewings are of her works. 

Pillow for the Dead, 1997

Silk organza and thread

2.9 × 6 × 4.4 cm


Naito Rei. (2009), (23 Spring). Retrieved 22 April 2020, from ART iT.

Sugiura, T., Okabe, A., Blistène, B., & Hatakeyama, N. (2017). Rei Naito : Transphère #03 - Les presses du réel (book). Lespressesdureel.com. Retrieved 22 April 2020, from https://www.lespressesdureel.com/EN/ouvrage.php?id=5387.

Images sourced from:

Artsy. (2020). Pillow for the Dead, 1997 [Image]. Retrieved 22 April 2020, from https://www.artsy.net/artwork/rei-naito-pillow-for-the-dead

Work In Progress/ Reflection: 

The embroidery for panel #2 of the three panels has been completed. Everything has been hand embroidered. During my critique this week I showed part of the embroidery to the class and gained some valuable feedback, in seeing the interest in the delicacy of the work and the immense time it takes. I feel as though moving ahead with using the DMC thread (x6 singular thread) has not only added to the contrast between the fabric and the text but more clearly exhibited all of the slight imperfections of hand embroidering a piece. The other two panels will also feature the text in this format. 



This weeks critique in class was extremely helpful in giving me new perspectives and directions to take the work in. I took notes of the feedback I received...


  • Sturdy looking red material, juxtaposing the silk

  • vibrant 

  • the white and the red contrast 

  • some familiar and unfamiliar text, a mixture of language

  • textured surface

  • names...?

  • thread count?? 3, 4, 5? it is thick 


  • it's a tangible object so film document it in a way that the viewer feels like they are not missing out on textural qualities of the work because it's on their screen. i.e. filming, close-ups, etc

    • for Photographing, use natural daylight for the consistent natural lighting ​.

    • video touching the work and interacting with it, to provide the viewer with an insight into its material qualities

  • provide a way of zooming in and out of images on WIX to view details. 

After considering all the feedback, I will definitely be using the points made in regards to documenting the work as the presentation will be so vital on the website. I will work to make sure the details in the works are able to be seen and investigated by the viewer at their own discretion too.

Reflection on Group Work

This week I continued with the making of the bag for our giveaway on our Instagram and finally managed to apply to be verified on 'Giphy' so that our Instagram user can use our gifs stickers via 'Stories'. I suggested beciorpi.com by Beci Orpin an artist with a very eclectic website full of floating text, images, moving stickers and more which inspired us in regards to our own group website. As i am taking charge of most of the curating, we discussed the way the show was going to be presented and ways of engaging the viewers. Having a beginning page that links to one artist and then another through buttons on the webpage and another and so on, would be an interesting format as it would take the create the process of looking at works in an order usually curated by the curator. This continuous link would be an engaging way for the show to become like a mini-maze, as viewers navigate their way through the show. 

Work progress has been consistent although the next stage for our Exhibition Planning Document will be crucial to displaying how the culmination of all of our efforts will be presented.