Week 4


Japanese scrolls often incorporate silk, paper and ink (Bilal-Gore, 2015). Most scrolls have three paper layers glued together with Wheat Starch, becoming brittle and weak over time (Bilal-Gore, 2015). Although I won't be using the exact same materials used as genuine Japanese scrolls mine will incorporate silk. The colours of hanging scrolls from my experience of seeing them in Japan and at my grandparents home is that many are quite dull in colour and have a double border to their painted images and or text. I am forging ahead with the colour of red, white and some sort of Japanese silk, emblematic of the Japanese flag. 


Wakeling, E. (2019). CONSERVING JAPANESE SCROLLS [Blog]. Retrieved March 2020, from https://blog.qagoma.qld.gov.au/a-fleeting-bloom-conserving-japanese-scrolls/.

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Work In Progress

I have two choices of some vintage Japanese silk donated to me. One has a lot of flower imagery and is pink whereas the other is a more natural tone of sand/ beige with various imagery of Japanese trees in a traditional style. I have chosen the lighter silk with the tree imagery as each scroll could feature a different image on the back. 













i have paired the silk with a bright red broadcloth as seen below. 


Reflection on Group Work

This week there was a big shift in the future of our exhibition as it is likely it will all be moving to online/ digital with the impending changes of the project’s outcome due to the Covid-19. I feel as though this week we have already been able to adapt and change our exhibition and plans quite quickly. 

Our Instagram has been getting some updates this week introducing ourselves and us as an ARI. This has been important so that our audience knows who we are and will engage with us as a group and individuals via Instagram. I wrote up my artist bio and uploaded it to the shared google drive to be added to our website and Instagram artist feature. The proof is in the likes as the posts with any of us featured have upwards of 30 likes, whereas others have less than 25 likes. 

It was a quieter week for us as a group as we all considered how our individual works can be adapted to this new digital format. I am interested in getting audiences interacting with us, so I suggested the idea of a colouring book for kids and adults alike, which has been a fad of the past few years. As my role of Curator has changed, engaging audiences in multiple ways is something I am wanting to achieve to build excitement towards the possible digital exhibition. I am going to push the idea of the colouring book to do so.