Week 3

After looking at the works of Satomi Shirai and Kenny Pittock over the past few weeks i have to come to reconsider the work i am wanting to create for the exhibition. Still inspired by there practices and artworks, I want to create something more personal and clearly linked to Japanese culture. 


Work In Progress

I wanted to return to the use of fabric and embroidery, a tactile medium like clay. This week I am changing tact, although I am still exploring the same ideas of Home, Memory, Language, Family, and hand-made processes. 

This week I am sketching up designs for the possible scrolls i will be making. The idea of the three scrolls comes from the idea of my two parents and myself. It is also a small reference to my Lutheran education of visual imagery of Jesus's crucifixion alongside Dimas and Gestas. Although the main focus of this work is family, heritage, and text. They will embody similar aspects of Japanese hanging scrolls known as 'Kakemono' aiming to replicate this style of a scroll with some more contemporary characteristics.  

The scrolls were hung in tea houses, and depending on what the season was like this would affect what sort would be shown (Bilal-Gore, 2015). From my memories of my grandparents traditional Japanese home and restaurant. The grandeur of some rooms displayed with the priceless hanging scrolls would draw your attention to the wall recess they often hung in (Bilal-Gore, 2015). 



Bilal-Gore, J. (2015). Cultures & Traditions - Japanese Scroll Painting - DMA Collection Online. Collections.dma.org. Retrieved March 2020, from https://collections.dma.org/essay/vXlGoldj.


Reflection on Group Work

I emailed and heard back from THE WALLS, IMA, DUMB DUMB, METRO ARTS, and OUTERSPACE ARI. Unfortunately, most have had their spaces booked until June or are not able to accommodate us and we will try to move forward with Greaser Bar. If in the future we wanted the show to be during the first 6 months of the years we would have to have organised most of the exhibition before December- January to submit to the 'OPEN CALLS' galleries and ARI's do during beginning of the year and similarly for some of the mid-year 'OPEN CALLS'. Unfortunately, the timeline of this project does not allow for this and we will pursue other available spaces available for late May. 

Although Rebecca from 'THE WALLS', was still interested as us as and ARI and individuals and would keep us in mind for any future shows. It seems it's worth making contact with ARI's and Spaces even if they feel out of reach as other opportunities can emerge. 


We realised the costs of such spaces need to be outlined and I will be making a spreadsheet of the information and costs associated with each space.


Table of possible spaces and associated cost:


Our Logo was finalised and posted on our Instagram. We decided on keeping the logo and colours simple but aligned with our name in black and yellow. I see the logo as not being too literal with lemons and minimising to just text will make marketing material easy and readable too. 

This week consisted of a lot of administrative work as I handled all of the emailing and most of the contacting of the galleries and ARI's. 



****Our usual meeting was not possible due to Abby and Jasmine being ill. But Georgia and I took notes during class and had a brief meeting after class to discuss actions for the coming week.


These were some of the first logos that emerged from our brainstorming. Georgia and Jasmine decided to take charge of this task, in drawing the logos’. 


Ultimately we decided simple is best in the bold black and yellow and also easiest to read. We collectively voted on the first image in this series as a our logo.