Week 2


Kenny Pittock is a Ceramic artist making 'small totemic' items familiar to us contemporary Australian iconography (Mackenzie, T., McFarlene, K., McKewen, D., Dennington, C., Pittock, K., Hazewinkel, A., … Telecki, J., 2014) These are usually consumables made from non-consumable material made to look like there real counterparts found within grocery stores and shops.

Like this, i have been looking at making domestic and familiar items from ceramics. Pittock has made works like 'Cadbury Favourites in order from most favourite to least favourite' (2019), with an obvious personal touch and consideration to the display of the ceramic works ("Kenny Pittock: Every Kind of Shape", 2019). His titling of the work gives context to the display of the bars and this has given me some ideas regarding the way i will title my work.


The way ceramic works like Pittocks tend to not look 100% accurate when referencing real-life items, is an effect i can appreciate. The slight inaccuracies provide a hint to the medium of the object. This inspired me to try and not make my chopsticks perfect and embrace the slight curvatures in the thin stick-like shapes. Although my work (chopsticks) will be void of colour to contrast there domestic setting when photographed rather than assume a life-like quality like Pittocks. 
















Cadbury Favourites in order from most favourite to least favourite, 2019

Each approx: h.9 x w.3 x d.3cm

Acrylic on earthenware
Photo: Sam Roberts 



​Kenny Pittock: Every Kind of Shape. The Journal of Australian Ceramics (2019), 58(2), 37-40. Retrieved March 2020, from.

Mackenzie, T., McFarlene, K., McKewen, D., Dennington, C., Pittock, K., Hazewinkel, A., … Telecki, J. (2014). New14 . Southbank, VIC: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Images sourced from:

Roberts, S. (2019). The Journal of Australian Ceramics. The Australian Ceramics Association.  

Cadbury Favorites in order from favorite

Work In Progress

This week I photographed the delicate chopsticks in the home space, particularly in places relating to food and or shared spaces. The white contrasts well to all the other materials making the expression of otherness clear in this photographic series. I found that this work doesn't have a lot of substance to the work and i feel i can create something better and slightly grander for a work that will show in an exhibition. 

This work is very simple and I am going to continue on another path of art in the home space but in this case using fabric. 


Homemade 1, 2020

29.7 x 42.0cm

Digital colour photograph 


Homemade 2, 2020

29.7 x 42.0cm

Digital colour photograph 


Homemade 3, 2020

29.7 x 42.0cm

Digital colour photograph 


Reflection on Group Work

This week was very much about planning and making contact with gallery spaces. We have contacted Greaser Bar Gallery and Mt Coot-tha Gallery although Mt Coot-tha seems like an unlikely space due to insurance costs ($1000+) whereas Greaser Bar Gallery seems as though it may be able to accommodate the opening night and following day show of our exhibition. 

After researching ARI spaces, I found DUMB DUMB a homely space underneath a house with a singular wall painted pink, which is representative of their brand. I have attached the gallery space floor-plan as it gives a clear mapping of the space. It is one of our possible spaces for our exhibition although we are currently waiting to hear back from them.

The logo is still in its first few iterations it will be done next week. Simple will be best, as is makes is easy to read and use in multiple ways i.e. print, digital, sharing.

We decided on the format of a Zine as our collaborative work. This is a great way for us to have a tangible publication for the show and a way for audiences to interact with the show after its completion.