Claire Laffey, Lili Mikami, Phoebe Sawyer, Rebecca Gill

 Overgrown, 2020.

(Visualisation: Lili Mikami)

Overgrown situated in the Memorial Lawns of the City Botanic Gardens

Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside

Botanica is a contemporary public art festival produced by the Brisbane City Council, situated in the City Botanic Gardens. It is a recurring festival exhibiting site-specific works allowing for interactions and experiences to occur through the arts. 

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Julie-Anne Milinkski, Circle Work (resting), 2019. (Photograph: David Kan)

Queensland University of Technology x Brisbane City Council

The Brisbane City Council have approved a Botanica 2021 opportunity in conjunction with the Queensland University of Technology's, Creative Industries. One group from the university will be given the chance to create their proposed work if chosen, and present it the May of the 2021 festival. 

Overgrown, 2020. (SketchUp Visualisation: Lili Mikami)

Overgrown situated in the Memorial Lawns of the City Botanic Gardens


Overgrown is a site-specific and adaptive work, which we aim to locate on the Memorial Lawns within the City Botanic Gardens. The installation invites audiences to engage with the space and interactive audio using contemporary road noises and illuminated pathways of the original 1800’s NSW Government planned road structure.  


In the selected 150square metres within the lawns, the mown path will replicate the original mapping at a approximately 1000th of the original scale. The mown paths will be walked on by visitors, accessible at all times during the day and illuminated at by the LED rope lighting at night.​

Overgrown, 2020. (Visualisation: Lili Mikami)

Overgrown situated in the Memorial Lawns of the City Botanic Gardens

Overgrown, 2020.  (Drone footage/ footage : Claire Laffey & Phoebe Sawyer)


Test site for 'Overgrown', trialling the work at scale

If participators choose to engage with the work further, they can scan displayed QR codes on the surrounding lampposts. The code will then link field recordings of surrounding city-like noises, including trucks, buses and car horns emitted from individuals phones, as they engage with the site. 

Overgrown, 2020. (Visualisations: Lili Mikami)

Left image is a visualtion of a proposed QR code placement on the Memorial Lawns. Right image is of the linked site to the QR code 

During the Botanica Festival a site-specific performance will activate Overgrown using a group of approximately 10 people walking at various but calculated speeds through the mapped paths. The performers will move in a manner as to not touch anyone during their movements. 


Within the development of the collaborative proposal I managed the concept development, design and fabrication, prototyping, and visualisations. I have also taken on a managerial role handling the creation and development of the teams gantt scheduling system using 'Click Up' and delegation of tasks. 

Slideshow of work by Lili Mikami for Overgrown, 2020.

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