Week 1


Satomi Shirai's practice focuses on the domestic space, activities,  and what home means to immigrants like herself after moving to New York from Japan ("Satomi Shirai: Home & Home | Heiner Contemporary", 2020). 


Immigration commonly brings change and assimilation, and Shirai sees understanding the similarities and differences aided this change (Npg.si.edu, 2020). Like my self, Shirai uses facets of culture from the food, to customs, and environments ("Satomi Shirai: Home & Home | Heiner Contemporary", 2020). By using these traits of different cultures she applies these to the narrate a story to viewers, in her carefully curated conceptual photographs (Npg.si.edu, 2020).  

In my works, I often use ambiguous and conceptual links to reference cultural customs and personal experiences similar to Shirai's works. The photographing of a picnic under the Sakura Trees in Central park contrast the setting to the actual environment. Having a picnic under the blooming Sakura Trees each early spring known as 'Hanami' is bringing the traditions of Japan to Central Park in New York, America. Subtly infusing her work with scenes of her two lived experiences is a method I follow in my use of colours and language, rather than domestic items and environments. 



















Satomi Shirai

Sakura in Central Park, 2007

Digital C-Print

50.8 × 60.96 cm

Edition 1/5


Npg.si.edu. (2020). National Portrait Gallery | Asian American Portraits of Encounter. [online] Available at: https://npg.si.edu/exhibit/encounter/shirai.html [Accessed 29 Feb. 2020].

Satomi Shirai: Home & Home | Heiner Contemporary. Heiner Contemporary. (2020). Retrieved March 2020, from http://heinercontemporary.com/exhibitions/2012-home-home.

Images sourced from:

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian (2011). Satomi Shirai, Self portraits. [image] Available at: https://npg.si.edu/exhibit/encounter/shirai.html [Accessed 29 Feb. 2020].


Work In Progress

This week I researched artists and found Satomi Shirai which is one of the strongest artists I found that connects to my work. I considered the domestic space and the way the Shirai uses it to show a fusion of cultures in the home, and ways I can use this and or domestic items to show a mixture of culture. ​

I created a porcelain pair chopsticks this week. I feel as though using the porcelain brings it into the home space immediately as it reminds you of bone china, often found in both western and East-Asian homes. Chopsticks are a tool that many East-Asian countries use. I have also chosen porcelain from a personal encounter with a family heirloom of Ivory chopsticks from the Edo era in Japan. Replicating the chopsticks from a more sustainable and cruelty-free method was also important as Ivory is not an acceptable medium to use. 

I may continue with this work and make a family set as the domestic spaces I have lived in have always had many multiples of chopsticks. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 4.55.26 pm.png

(title in progress), 2020


24.3 x 1.9 cm

This is the porcelain work drying in the sun. 


(title in progress), 2020


24.3 x 1.9 cm

This is the porcelain work drying in the sun. 

Reflection on Group Work

This week during our class and own meeting 'Lemonade Stand ARI' is the name that has been decided. The name has feelings of sentimentalism, memory, and identity, which are representative of our practices. The grassroots nature of a lemonade stand is like a first business, and this ARI is our first. 

The purpose of creating our Instagram is to help build a following prior to our event. A place to advertise each of ourselves as individuals, a collaborative group, and as an ARI.

The platform will obviously advertise our show, but it will also be a place to show our processes. When we discussed what the Instagram will feature, it was noted the lack of process documentation that many get to see, whereas the completed works can always be viewed.

In a collaborative setting, roles are still important to separate tasks and distribute work equally, therefore, we decided on particular roles we would each take charge of to help us reach personal and group goals.


Secretary – Abby
Design - Jasmine, Georgia
Social Media – Jasmine, Georgia
Curation - Lili

I feel as though this was a great decision as it will allow us to more easily delegate tasks to specific roles. Abby will manage the minutes during meetings and most administrative tasks, Design as well as Social Media will be done by Jasmine and Georgia as there is a crossover between the two and because they are time-consuming roles. I will take charge of Curation as I am wanting to gain further skills in this department, managing the artworks, exhibitions floorplans, catalogue, didactic etc.

Our Exhibition aims & theme/s:

  • Sharing

  • Storytelling 

  • Exploration of self 

  • Exhibiting contemporary art 

  •  Creating opportunities for experimentation

  • Lighthearted, Approachable, Friendly, Accessibility 

  • Collaborative

  • Participatory  

  • An Element of PLAY

This week felt productive for the beginnings of making an ARI and group Exhibition as we found common ground on our practices and aims for the show. 


Project Meeting Notes.