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Lili Mikami is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based visual artist who examines identity through the duplicity of her mixed socio-cultural background in Australia. Lili’s work uses her lenses as a Japanese-Australian with lived experiences in each country and the Philippines as catalysts to the exploration of culturally linked experiences, memories and gaps in cultural knowledge. 


To dissect her ideas, Lili often recontextualises traditional Japanese items by contemporising and fusing western and Japanese influences. She utilises ceramic sculpture, mixed-media, textiles, and text, presented as installations, photography, and video. She selectively uses cultural, sentimental, and traditional items and mediums to guide creations of her, ‘fictional artefacts’.


In 2020, Lili completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at Queensland University of Technology. She has recently completed a 4-month residency with THE WALLS, and has previously interned with Metro Arts as a Exhibition Programs Assistant, and co-founded a short-term Artist Run Initiative, Lemonade Stand.